Our studio has been designed to suit the needs of those who want to move.  Through classes such as yoga, parent/child yoga, pilates, etc., our space, with awesome instructors, will give you the opportunity to find your full range of motion in a peaceful setting.


Living in the full spectrum of life’s experiences is what the practice of yoga asks us to engage in. Being in the body, in the mind and in emotional presence without relenting to the desire to escape these feelings brings growth. In committing to this process, you’ll find relief from physical and emotional distress and gain more connection to self, others and the activities you have passion for.

Yoga with Rhonda (from Inner Roar) – parent/tot

Introducing our parent/tot yoga class lead by Rhonda from Inner Roar, offering a great experience for adults and youngsters to participate together.   This class is geared towards the parents, allowing them the chance to be guided through a yoga practice in a laid back environment where kids can roam free or participate alongside. Lighthearted and adaptable and no stress about what to do with your kids!

Pre-Climb Yoga 

This newly designed program will improve your flexibility, strengthen your entire body, boost your confidence, and help keep you calm after a fall, in the middle of a crux, and even sitting in traffic.  This course focuses on aspects of mental and physical training that can benefit every climber, whether you’re a veteran big waller, gym climber, experienced boulderer, or putting on climbing shoes for the first time. This class brings you a style of yoga to help you prevent injury, fight through training plateaus, conquer fear, and stay grounded in your daily life.

Pricing is $10/member, $12/non-member

Full memberships: $89 for adults, $168 for couples, $220 for families (unlimited use of full facility with studio fitness classes – only with EFT)